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Imagine the possibilities . . .
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CPS TechCrew

What is it?
TechCrew is designed to enrich students’ educational experience and job readiness skills. This is accomplished by providing students with a TechCrew coordinator and the training and framework necessary to carry out basic computer problem resolution within the confines of their school.

What is the turnaround time? Are there any other parameters?
TechCrew requires principals or technology coordinators to participate in an information session. If the school decides to participate, the designated TechCrew coordinator(s) must also participate in a training session. Upon completion of the training session and recruitment of student participants, TechCrew will be operational.

How do I request service?
To request information about TechCrew or to register for an information session, contact Victor Herrera at

What is the cost?
No, there is no cost for this service. However, the school is responsible for the TechCrew coordinator stipend.

What curriculum do the students use ? How do I recruit students?

TechCrew Impact

TechCrew Inspires: “The experience you gain from being part of TechCrew is immeasurable. TechCrew helped me to find my passion for technology.
-Gabino Noriega, Former TechCrew Participant

TechCrew Helps Educators: “TechCrew helps out students academically and has allowed students to assume leadership roles and to gain confidence through their experience.
-Brian Surina, TechCrew Coordinator, Phoenix Military Academy

TechCrew Saves Money: “TechCrew is a positive experience for the school and the students because the students achieve the skills necessary to perform in this field while the school is able to allocate funding to other educational programs.
-Joellen-Zielazinski, Budget Manager, Kelly High School

TechCrew Increases Attendance: “We recognize that student attendance and graduation are increasingly important issues facing public schools. We are looking to target specific schools as we have seen TechCrew have a positive impact in these areas.
-Victor Herrera, Student Technology Services Manger

TechCrew Improves Performance: “Twenty-first century technology is a shopisticted, cutting edge, and ever changing industry. We want our students to be at the forefront of that industry, and TechCrew is a good place for them to start.
-Arshele C. Stevens, Chief Information Officer

TechCrew Spotlight

CPS TechCrew | Tech 2009 Announcement


APPLY ONLINE: Applications are now being accepted at The deadline to apply is January 12, 2009.

WHO SHOULD APPLY: All schools and districts in Illinois are invited to apply to participate in TECH 2009.

OVERVIEW OF EVENT: TECH 2009 is a not-for-profit initiative supported by a broad range of education and business organizations. Its purpose is
two-fold: 1) to raise awareness of the critical role technology plays in preparing students to succeed in today¹s world; and 2) to show the need for increased funding for classroom technology.

Selected school teams will demonstrate a school project to legislators, business leaders and the general public in the State Capitol Building Rotunda. Each team of four (one teacher and three students, or one teacher, one administrator and two students) will demonstrate their project either during a morning or afternoon time slot (approx. 9am-Noon or Noon-3pm). For more information, go to the TECH 2009 website,

LOCATION OF TECH 2009: State Capitol Building, Springfield, IL

DATE OF TECH 2009: TECH 2009 will be held in the Spring of 2009. The committee is waiting for the legislative calendar to be set before securing a date for the event. The TECH 2009 committee is hopeful an April 30, 2009 date will coincide with when legislators are in session in Springfield.
Once the legislative calendar is set, the date of TECH 2009 will be announced on the TECH 2009 website.

SELECTION OF SCHOOLS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT: School teams will be selected to represent a balanced distribution between legislative districts, grade levels and curricular areas. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate improved teaching and learning through the use of technology.
Our goal is to select one team from every legislative district (representative & senatorial) in the state. Schools will be notified of their selection status in mid-January, 2009.

TECH events are not only fun but memorable experiences for participants and observers alike. We hope you will apply to participate in TECH 2009.

i-SAFE International Poster Contest

i-SAFE Educators,

i-SAFE is excited to announce a new student contest. The i-SAFE International Poster Challenge gives your students an opportunity to draw attention to e-Safety. Your students can make an impact and help change the way other students see the Internet while utilizing their art skills.

They see them on the highway, malls and movie theaters. Now, they can take the i-SAFE Poster Challenge and spotlight e-Safety in schools. Students can choose an e-Safety issue such as: texting, cyber bullying, gaming, online predators, or piracy. Then, express their creativity using any artistic styles such as political, movie, inspirational, graffiti, or billboard design.

Once your students have finished their poster, have them send it via e-mail or U.S. mail to i-SAFE by Dec.15. Winners will be announced in elementary, middle school, and high school levels. The winning students and schools will receive national recognition and have their posters distributed as part of our educational program.

All the information on the contest, including judging and prizes, can be found at Please e-mail us at with any questions. Thanks and good luck!

Geek Squad Summer Academy

"Geek Squad"

Paula Gómez, Univision Television Group

CHICAGO, Hay un curso en las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago que convierte a los estudiantes en expertos en tecnología. Los agentes del Geek Squad se auto describen como “un escuadrón de gente medio excéntrica”. Ellos se dedican a arreglar computadoras y cualquier aparato electrónico. ¿Qué tienen que ver estos expertos con la educación? Ellos son los maestros que se dedican a impartir un curso especial de verano sobre tecnología en las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago (CPS) llamado Geek Squad Summer Academy. El enfoque del programa es despertar entre los jóvenes la pasión por la tecnología con la esperanza de que muchos escojan incursionar en una carrera en este campo. El curso dura tan sólo una semana pero eso es tiempo suficiente, según los organizadores, para enseñarle a los jóvenes cómo armar y desarmar una computadora. Los estudiantes también aprenden cómo crear sus propias páginas en la Internet y aprenden entre otras lecciones a proteger sus datos personales al usar la tecnología. El cupo para participar en el programa actualmente es limitado pero representantes de CPS esperan expandirlo con el tiempo. Si deseas más información sobre Geek Squad Summer Academy puedes visitar la página de Internet